Series of Asia's Amazing Adventures

Penguin Poo Bear Dance​

Asia is an adventurous princess who wanted to travel instead of going to sleep at night. One night, she asked her mother to take her to Antarctica, but her mother told it that takes planning, and they couldn’t just go. Later that night, Asia noticed something strange – a glow coming from her closet. She discovered a portal right there in her closet and that it could take her anywhere.

The first place Asia decided to visit is Antarctica! Upon arriving, she realized that the penguins were expecting her. Asia soon saw that this was more than an adventure; it was her mission to visit Antarctica and help the penguins. A day later, she visited the Hyenas, and once again, she had to help. Asia was so happy that her adventure included making new friends and helping others.

This is the first book in this exciting series! Join Asia on her fantastic adventures.

About the Author

Asia Hollaway is 6 years old young girl who lives in Georgia from a single parent household and one big brother, Trevion.  She is also a young dancer, gymnast, model, and YouTube star.  She loves talking with people and connecting with them, and always strives to be as friendly as possible with everyone.  Asia has an EXTREME passion for fashion.  When she hits the runway, she becomes the Runway Diva and takes command of the stage.  Because of her interest in fashion, we created Asia’s Closet, an online children’s boutique.  Asia’s Closet is her way of giving the world a vision of what fashion is through Asia’s eyes.

Asia’s Closet LLC was created by our family and to highlight Asia’s passion for fashion.  We are an online kid’s boutique focused on helping kids dress up in a cool way and gain access to some of the nicest products on the market. Our commitment is to help kids find the best items to enjoy and have fun with within their home. about the idea of trying out new things, innovating and bringing in some great ways to connect with other people.

Shop online with us at and check us out on Instagram @asiasclosetllc, Facebook @asiasclosetllc and YouTube Asia’s Closet LLC.

Artkina Celestin is a Maryland based visual artist who specializes in drawings, paintings, and children’s book illustrations. She enjoys serving as a “visual arts translator” for those who are unable to express their ideas visually.  You can find examples of Artkina’s work at, on Facebook @Mo’ArtCee and on Instagram @mo’artcee.

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